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Small Landlord Letter

Rental housing policy has failed
in Massachusetts & nationwide

Lenore Monello Schloming M.A.
Skip Schloming Ph.D.

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Rent control: All about power, not housing

     Over 50 years ago, rent control was enacted in Cambridge, the city of many professors, scientists, and artists. Cambridge was the cultural capital of Massachusetts if not the whole nation (and still is). Rent control at that time was a socialist experiment, arguably the beginning of what.... read more.

Rent control in Cambridge: An experiment in socialism

      Landlords – large and small alike – must be alarmed at the shift to far-left policies in many parts of the country. How this big-government socialist agenda will turn out is unclear.
      But we do have an “experiment” in socialism, the 25 years.... read more.

Rent control stopped in Massachusetts – 5 times!

     Rent control has been defeated in Massachusetts on five occasions, not just the 1994 statewide referendum, but three defeats in Boston and one defeat.... read more.

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