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Small Landlord Letter

Lenore Monello Schloming M.A.
Skip Schloming Ph.D.

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What are the real rents? We doubt you know

Perception of high rents

     We often hear it: “The rents are (too damn) high.” And everyone seems to agree. But what we know is vague. We only know our own rent or perhaps the rents of a few others -- and the news media trumpet....  read more

Who are Boston’s residential owners?

   Half of them are landlords!

   And 93% of these landlords are small landlords!

    To get a picture of Boston’s residential sector, we analyzed the 2022 Boston assessors database for residential owners only, excluding commercial and other property owners. While Boston is our focus, many of the results we found likely apply....  read more

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Defending the rights & interests of small landlords,
all small property owners & small business owners everywhere

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